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Question: An uncle gave Rs.1001 to Rahul and Rs.1501 to Shweta. Who has more money and by how much? [2 MARKS]

: Concept: 1 Mark
Solution: 1 Mark
Shweta has more money than Rahul. If we compare both the numbers, then
the number with the greater valued digit on the extreme left will be greater. If the digits on the extreme left of the numbers are equal, then the digits to the right of the extreme left digits are compared and so on.Therefore, Rs.1501 is greater than Rs.1001.
Now,1501-1001 = 500
Shweta has Rs 500 more than Rahul.

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Question 1. The distance between Ranchi and Kolkata is 420 km. David took a flight from Bangalore to Ranchi via Kolkata. The distance between Banglore and Kolkata is 400 km. Find the total distance travelled by David in metres. [3 MARKS]

: Concept: 1 Mark
Steps: 1 Mark
Answer: 1 Mark

1km = 1000m
Distance between Ranchi and Kolkata = 420 km= 420 ×1000 = 420000m
Distance between Bangalore and Kolkata = 400 km = 400 ×1000 = 400000m
The total distance travelled by David = 400000 +420000 = 820000m
Question 2. Aashu's elder sister asked him to make the smallest number using the digits of 8734. What is the number? Also, find the sum of these numbers. [3 MARKS]

: Concept: 1 Mark
Application: 1Mark
Solution: 1 Mark

The smallest number Aashu arrived at using 8734 is 3478.

He did so by following the below steps:
(a) The smallest digit is placed at one's place. (b) The next greater digit is placed at ten's place. (c) The next greater digit is placed at hundred's place and so on. (d) The greatest digit is placed at the highest place of the number.

Sum = 8734 + 3478 = 12221
Question 3. The height of a person is 1m 65cm. What is his height in millimeters? [1 MARK]

We know that,
1m = 1000 mm
1cm = 10 mm
65 cm = 65×10 = 650mm
The height of the person = 1000 + 650 = 1650mm
Question 4. Shubhangi bought a beautiful lehenga, the price of which is equal to the greatest 5-digit number. What is the price of the lehenga? [2 MARKS]

: Concept: 1 Mark
Solution: 1 Mark
If we want to find the greatest 5 digit number, we will use the greatest digit, which is 9, in each place value, of all the five digits.
Hence, the price of the lehenga is 99,999, which is the largest five digit number.

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