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Question: An individual whose blood type is B may in an emergency, donate blood to a person whose blood type is
A.B or A
B.AB or A
C.A or O
D.AB or B
Answer: Option D

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Question 1. Instrument used to measure blood pressure is
  1.    E.C.G
  2.    Stetheoscope
  3.    sphygmomanometer
  4.    Arm band
Answer: Option C
Question 2. Which of the following carries oxygen to various parts of human body?
  1.    Red blood cells
  2.    White blood cells
  3.    Plasma
  4.    Nerves
Answer: Option A
Question 3. Lymph carries digested and absorbed fat from ________ .
  1.    Lungs
  2.    Intestine
  3.    Stomach
  4.    Kidney
Answer: Option B
Question 4. Which statement regarding the mammalian heart is correct?
  1.    Blood is pumped from the heart via the atria
  2.    Oxygen-loaded blood moves only through the right side of the heart
  3.    When the right atrium contracts, it forces blood into the left atrium
  4.    In the adult heart, blood in the right chambers of the heart cannot enter the left chambers without passing through the lungs
Answer: Option D
Question 5. Number of chamber found in human heart is
  1.    2
  2.    3
  3.    4
  4.    5
Answer: Option C
Question 6. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the wall of
  1.    Heart
  2.    Vein
  3.    Artery
  4.    Cell
Answer: Option C

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