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Question: A.   Chemists mostly don't stock it only a few
government hospitals do but in limited quantities.

B.   Delhi's building boom is creating a
bizarre problem: snakes are increasingly biting people as they emerge from
their disturbed underground homes.

C.   There isn't enough anti-snake
serum, largely because there is no centralized agency that distributes the

D.   If things don't improve, more
people could face paralysis, and even death

Answer: Option A
: A

The only think you need to figure out is the best starting sentence. B and C are both good options; but C is a better follow up sentence for B. Using the BC link you can mark the answer as option (a)

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Question 1. A.   After several routine elections there comes
a 'critical' election which redefines the basic pattern of political
loyalties, redraws political geography and opens up the frozen political

B.   In psychological jargon they call
it realignment.

C.   Rather, since 1989, there have been
a series of semi-critical elections.

D.   On a strict definition, none of the
recent Indian elections qualifies as a critical election.

(CAT 1997)
  1.    ABCD
  2.    ADBC
  3.    DBAC
  4.    DCBA
Answer: Option B
: B

Option (b) C clearly follows D (Rather than critical, there have been a series of semi critical elections). A-B is another link you should look out for. Thus, the answer is option (b)
Question 2. A.   It begins with an ordinary fever and a
moderate cough.

B.   India could be under attack from a
class of germs that cause what are called atypical pneumonias.

C.   Slowly, a sore throat progresses to
bronchitis and then pneumonia and respiratory complications.

D.   It appears like the ordinary flu,
but baffled doctors find that the usual drugs don't work.

  1.    ABCD
  2.    BDAC
  3.    ADCB
  4.    BCDA
Answer: Option B
: B

Option (b) BA and BD are both possible starts (the "It" in statements A and C referring to atypical pneumonias); but take a quick look at the options. BD is the only option. Answer is option (b)
Question 3. 1.   Buddhism is a way to salvation.

A.   But Buddhism is more severely

B.   In the Christian tradition there is
also a concern for the fate of human society conceived as a whole, rather
than merely as a sum or network of individuals.

C.   Salvation is a property, or
achievement of individuals.

D.   Not only does it dissolve society
into individuals, the individual in turn is also dissolved into component parts
and instants, a stream of events.

6.   In modern terminology, Buddhist
doctrine is reductionist.

(CAT 1998)
  1.    ADBC
  2.    CBAD
  3.    BDAC
  4.    ABCD
Answer: Option B
: B

Option (b) (C) Clearly follows (1) commenting on salvation. (B) Tells about the fate of human society in the Christian tradition. (AD) explains Buddhism as analytical dissolving individuals into component parts.

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