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Question 1. The success of teacher is
  1.    High achievement of students
  2.    Good traits of his/her personality
  3.    His/her good teaching
  4.    His/her good character
Answer: Option C

Question 2. A deepawali fair is being organized in your school. What would you like to do ?
  1.    Only to visit the fair
  2.    To take part in function
  3.    To take a shop to sell something
  4.    To distribute free water to visitors
Answer: Option B

Question 3. The most important trait of a student is
  1.    Sense of responsibility
  2.    To speak truth
  3.    Co-operation
  4.    Obedience
Answer: Option D

Question 4. It is advantage of giving home work that students
  1.    Remain busy at home
  2.    Study at home
  3.    May be checked for their progress
  4.    May develop habit of self-study
Answer: Option D

Question 5. A student comes late in your class. Then you will
  1.    Inform to parents
  2.    Punish him
  3.    Try to know the reason
  4.    Not pay attention there
Answer: Option C

Question 6. When the students become failed, it can be understood that
  1.    The system has failed
  2.    The teachers failure
  3.    The text-books failure
  4.    The individual student's failure
Answer: Option D