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Question: A man rows to a place 48 km distant and come back in 14 hours. He finds that he can row 4 km with the stream in the same time as 3 km against the stream. The rate of the stream is:
A.1 km/hr
B.1.5 km/hr
C.2 km/hr
D.2.5 km/hr
Answer: Option A

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Question 1. A man can row at a speed of $$4\frac{1}{2}$$ km/hr in still water. If he takes 2 times as long to row a distance upstream as to row the same distance downstream, then the speed of stream (in km/hr) is-
  1.    1
  2.    1.5
  3.    2
  4.    2.5
Answer: Option B
Question 2. A boat covers 24 km upstream and 36 km downstream in 6 hours, while it covers 36 km upstream and 24 km downstream in $$6\frac{1}{2}$$ hours. The speed of the current is?
  1.    1 km/hr
  2.    2 km/hr
  3.    1.5 km/hr
  4.    2.5 km/hr
Answer: Option B
Question 3. A boat while dowenstream in a reiver converd a distance of 50 miles at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. While returning , because of the water resistance , it took 1 hour 15 minutes to cover the same distance What was the average speed during the whole journey?
  1.    40 mph
  2.    48 mph
  3.    50 mph
  4.    55 mph
Answer: Option B
Question 4. A man takes twice as long to row a distance against the stream as to row the same distance in favour of the stream. The ratio of the speed of the boat (in still water) and the stream is:
  1.    2 : 1
  2.    3 : 1
  3.    3 : 2
  4.    4 : 3
Answer: Option B
Question 5. Speed of a boat in standing water is 9 kmph and the speed of the stream is 1.5 kmph. A man rows to a place at a distance of 105 km and comes back to the starting point. The total time taken by him is:
  1.    16 hours
  2.    18 hours
  3.    20 hours
  4.    24 hours
Answer: Option D
Question 6. A man can row three-quarters of a kilometer against the stream in $$11\frac{1}{4}$$ minutes and down the stream in $$7\frac{1}{2}$$ minutes. The speed (in km/hr) of the man in still water is:
  1.    2
  2.    3
  3.    4
  4.    5
Answer: Option D

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