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Question 1. In a cone pulley, if the sum of radii of the pulleys on the driving and driven shafts is constant, then
  1.     Open belt drive is recommended
  2.     Crossed belt drive is recommended
  3.     Both open belt drive and crossed belt drive is recommended
  4.     The drive is recommended depending upon the torque transmitted
Answer: Option B

Question 2. A higher pair has__________.
  1.     Point contact
  2.     Surface contact
  3.     No contact
  4.     None of the above
Answer: Option A

Question 3. Tjie horse power transmitted by a belt is dependent upon
  1.     Tension on tight side of belt
  2.     Tension on slack side of belt
  3.     Radius of pulley
  4.     All of the above
Answer: Option D

Question 4. The unbalanced force due to reciprocating masses
  1.     Varies in magnitude but constant in direction
  2.     Varies in direction but constant in magnitude
  3.     Varies in magnitude and direction both
  4.     Constant in magnitude and direction both
Answer: Option A

Question 5. If some links are connected such that motion between them can take place in more than one direction, it is called
  1.     Incompletely constrained motion
  2.     Partially constrained motion
  3.     Completely constrained motion
  4.     Successfully constrained motion
Answer: Option A

Question 6. Which of the following disciplines provides study of inertia forces arising from the combined effect of the mass and the motion of the parts?
  1.     Theory of machines
  2.     Applied mechanics
  3.     Mechanisms
  4.     Kinetics
Answer: Option D