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Question: A circle has a circumference of 70 meters. Find its area. [2 MARKS]

: Formula: 1 Mark
Answer: 1 Mark

Given that
The circumference of a circle = 70 m
Let the radius of thecircle be 'R' m
Circumference of given circle is 2πR 2πR = 70 R = 35π Area=π×(35π)2 =389.77m2
The area of the circle is 389.77m2.

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Question 1. Is the figure below a polygon?  [2 MARKS]

: Reason: 1 Mark
Answer: 1 Mark

This is a closed figure, but this does not contain any straight lines. Hence, it is not a polygon.
Question 2. Given the side length as 10m and base length as 9m and height as 5m of a parallelogram. Find the area and its perimeter.  [2 MARKS]

: Process : 1 Mark
Result : 1 Mark

Perimeter of the parallelogram = 2( side + base )
= 2(10+9)=38 m Area of the parallelogram= base× (height) = 9× (5)= 45 m2
Question 3. Find the area of the circle whose diameter is 10m. Express your answer in cm2.  [2 MARKS]

: Formula: 1 Mark
Answer: 1 Mark

Given that
The diameter of a circle is 10m.
Area of the circle whose radius is R is
π×(R)2 Radius of the given circle = 102 = 5m Area of the given circle = π×(5)2 = 78.5m2 = 785000cm2

Area of the required circle is785000cm2
Question 4. The area of the given square and rectangle are same. If the length of each side of the square is 4m, and the ratio of length and breadth of the rectangle is 2. Find the length of the rectangle?  


: Steps: 2 Marks
Answer: 1 Mark

Given that
The lengthof each side of a square = 4 m
Area of the given square =
(4)2 = 16m2
As per the question,the ratio of length andbreadth of the rectangle is 2 Area of the rectangle is given = 16 m2 The area of the rectangle whose length is L m and breadth is B m is L× Bm2 L = 2B ( as per question) 2B× B= 16 B= 2×2m So, L = 2(2×2m) = 4×2m
So, the length of the rectangle is4
Question 5. A parallelogram has sides of length 12 cm and 8 cm. If the distance between the 12 cm sides is 5 cm. Find the distance between 8 cm sides. [4 MARKS]

: Formula: 1 Mark
Steps: 2 Marks
Answer: 1 Mark

According to the question, if base = 12 cm and height = 5 cm
So, area = base ×height = 12 × 5 = 60 cm2 Now​, if base = 8 cm and now we know that area of a parallelogram is60 cm2​ So, Distance between 8 cm sides = 608 = 7.5 cm
So, the distance between the 8 cm sides is 7.5 cm.
Question 6. A parallelogram of area 48 cm2 is divided into two congruent triangles. If the height of the triangle is 4 cm, find the length of base of the triangle.  


: Formula: 1 Mark
Steps: 1 Mark
Application: 1 Mark
Answer: 1 Mark
Given that
Area of a parallelogram=48cm2
The parallelogram is divided into two congruent triangles.

Area of parallelogram = 2(Area of triangle)
Area of triangle = 48cm22=24cm2
Area of triangle = 12×base×height
base = 12 cm So, measureof base of the triangle is 12 cm.

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