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Question 1. For a product layout the material handling equipment must
  1.     Have full flexibility
  2.     Employ conveyor belts, trucks, tractors etc.
  3.     Be a general purpose type
  4.     Be designed as special purpose for a particular application
Answer: Option D
Explanation :

Question 2. The term 'value' in value engineering refers to
  1.     Total cost of the product
  2.     Selling price of the product
  3.     Utility of the product
  4.     Manufactured cost of the product
Answer: Option C
Explanation :

Question 3. Work sampling is applied for
  1.     Estimation of the percentage utilization of machine tools
  2.     Estimating the percentage of the time consumed by various job activities
  3.     Finding out time standards, specially where the job is not repetitive and where time study by stop watch method is not possible
  4.     All of the above
Answer: Option D
Explanation :

Question 4. In cpm, the cost slope is determined by
  1.     Crash cost/Normal Cost
  2.     (Crash Cost - Normal cost)/ (Normal time - Crash time)
  3.     Normal Cost/Crash cost
  4.     (Normal cost - Crash cost)/ (Normal time - Crash time)
Answer: Option B
Explanation :

Question 5. The assumption in pert is
  1.     A project will always be behind schedule, if left uncorrected
  2.     Cost of project will always be more than the estimated cost, if no timely corrections are taken
  3.     A project can be subdivided into a set of predictable, independent activities
  4.     Activities are fixed and can't be changed
Answer: Option C
Explanation :

Question 6. Work sampling observations are taken on the basis of
  1.     Detailed calculations
  2.     Convenience
  3.     Table of random numbers
  4.     Past experience
Answer: Option C
Explanation :