Choose incorrect option:-

1. Transition elements exhibit higher enthalpies of atomization.

2. Zinc is a transition element

3. Melting and boiling points increases steadily from Sc to Cu.
A. 1 & 2 
B. 2 & 3 
C. 1,2 & 3 
D. 3 only.

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Answer: Option B
: B

Because of large number of unpaired electrons in the atoms of transition metals, they have stronger interatomic interaction and hence stronger bonding between atoms resulting in higher enthalpies ofatomization.
Zinc is not regarded as a transition element because zinc atom has completely filleddorbitals (3d10) in its ground state as well as in itsoxidized state.
The high melting & boiling points areattributed to the involvement of greaternumber of electrons from (n-1)d in addition tothe nselectrons in the interatomic metallicbonding. From Sc to Cu,the melting points rise to a maximum at d5 (Cr) except for anomalous value of Mn and fall regularly as the atomic number increases due to decrease in no. of unpaired electrons.

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