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Question:  user datagram protocol is called connectionless because
A.all UDP packets are treated independently by transport layer sends data as a stream of related packets
C.both (A) and (B)
D.none of these
Answer: Option A
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Question 1.  which one of the following is a transport layer protocol?
  1.    stream control transmission protocol
  2.    internet control message protocol
  3.    neighbor discovery protocol
  4.    dynamic host configuration protocol
Answer: Option A
Explanation :
Question 2.  which of these keys is not on the number keypad?
  1.    Ctrl
  2.    Del
  3.    Enter
  4.    Num lock
Answer: Option A
Explanation :
Question 3.  soft copy refers to ..........................
  1.    Printed output
  2.    Music sounds
  3.    Screen output
  4.    Digitizing
Answer: Option C
Explanation :
Question 4.  the portion of physical layer that interfaces with the media access control sublayer is called
  1.    physical signalling sublayer
  2.    physical data sublayer
  3.    physical address sublayer
  4.    none of these
Answer: Option A
Explanation :
Question 5.  wireless transmission can be done via
  1.    radio waves
  2.    microwaves
  3.    infrared
  4.    all of the above
Answer: Option D
Explanation :
Question 6.  what was the computer conceived by babbage?
  1.    Games
  2.    Donald Knuth
  3.    Arithmetic Machine
  4.    Analytical Engine
Answer: Option D
Explanation :

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