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Question: _________ is the physical process through which liquid converts to gas.
Answer: Option B
: B

Evporation is the physical process through which a liquid converts to a gas on absorbing heat. For example, liquid water from oceans, lakes, rivers and other water bodies, undergoes evaporation (changes into gas)by absorbing heat from the Sun.

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Question 1. Which of these substances are in a liquid state at room temperature?
  1.    Steel
  2.    Cardboard
  3.    Water
  4.    Iron
Answer: Option C
: C

Among the given, water is the substance which is in the liquid state at room temperature.
Question 2. Ice + ____  Liquid water
  1.    Ice
  2.    Heat
  3.    Salt
  4.    Sugar
Answer: Option B
: B

When heat is supplied to ice, it converts to liquid water. The process of convertingsolid into liquid by applying heatis known as melting.
Question 3. When water is kept below its freezing point it turns into 
  1.    liquid
  2.    ice
  3.    steam
  4.    water vapour
Answer: Option B
: B

When water is below its freezing point, water particles come closer. Their interparticle forces of attraction increases and theyform a rigid structure called ice.

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