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Question 1. Stoke's law is valid, when NNRe,p is less than
  1.    2
  2.    100
  3.    2100
  4.    700
Answer: Option A

Question 2. Correction for capillary effect in manometers (used for pressure measurement) need not be applied, if diameter of the manometer tube is __________ mm.
  1.    < 4
  2.    > 4
  3.    > 12.5
  4.    < 10
Answer: Option C

Question 3. Pick out the wrong statement.
  1.    The eddy viscosity is a function of the type of turbulence involved
  2.    The eddy viscosity is a fluid property
  3.    The viscosity of gas increases with increase in temperature
  4.    The viscosity of a liquid increases with decrease in temperature
Answer: Option B

Question 4. Pick out the wrong statement about cavitation.
  1.    Sudden reduction of pressure in a fluid flow system caused by flow separation, vortex formation or abrupt closing of valve leads to cavitation
  2.    Cavitation may be caused due to boiling of liquid by decreasing the pressure resulting in formation & collapse of vapor cavities
  3.    Cavitation begins at higher static pressure and lower velocity in larger diameter pipelines resulting in audible noise
  4.    Large scale cavitation can not damage pipeline, restrict fluid flow and damage steam turbine blades
Answer: Option D

Question 5. Nature of fluid flow during the opening of a valve in a pipeline is
  1.    Laminar
  2.    Unsteady
  3.    Steady
  4.    Uniform
Answer: Option B

Question 6. The equivalent diameter for pressure drop calculation for a fluid flowing through a rectangular cross-section channels having sides 'x' & 'y' is given by
  1.    2xy/(x+y)
  2.    xy/(x+y)
  3.    (x+y)/2xy
  4.    (x+y)/xy
Answer: Option A