Area Of Isosceles Triangle

Vedic Maths trick to find Area Of Isosceles Triangle

The Altitude drawn to the Base of an isosceles triangle is 20cm and the Parameter is 160cm. Find the area of triangle.

Using these formula's we can find the Aea Of Isosceles Triangle:

AB = AC = Legs of the triangle.
BC = Base of the triangle.
So, Parameter of the triangle is :

P = AB + BC + AC

Let's take value 'x' and put it in the required field of Parameter.
example : x + BC + x = p
Now, we will find the altitude of the trangle by using pythagoras theorem. Formula :
AC = hypotenuse
AD = Altitude
DC = Base
After putting values in the pythagoras theorem we will get the Altitude of the trangle which is 69.3cm

Now, we will find the area of the triangle
FOrmula is :

Base of Triangle = BC
Altitude of Triangle = AD
Area of triangle = 1/2 X Base of Triangle X Altitude of Triangle.

After putting values we will get the Area of isosceles triangle : 693cm2

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